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Cebu Radio Stations

One of the favorite pastimes of cebuanos is listening to radio broadcasts -- whether to know the weather, the traffic situations, politics and other news, or to listen to their favorite music genre, or to hear their favorite DJ, or simply to stay back and relax and have fun.

There are lots of AM and FM radio stations in cebu, each of which cater to a certain crowd and has become a part of the lives of many of cebuanos, young or old, professionals or students, men or women -- whoever you are or whatever your tastes are, there is always a radio stations that's just right for you.

You can now listen to some of these radio station broadcasts through internet live streaming:
DYIO (Y101 - 101.1 MHz)
Killer Bee
Energy FM
Monster Radio (105.9 MHz)
Mareco Crossover
Aksyon Radyo
Energy FM (90.3 MHz)
Bombo Radyo

More detailed information on different radio stations in Cebu soon...