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Expressions and Interjections

What really sets apart a real Cebuano speaker from a non-native speaker is in the way he uses expressions and interjections to add a certain feeling to his phrases. There are various expressions and interjections that are common to certain dialects, the following are the common ones used by most Cebuanos.

ba - adds strong emphasis to the word before it, somehow forcing it to become the center of the discussion. If used in a question, this adds a sense of confirmation to the subject matter, like "really?"

ha - if used as a question by itself is like an informal "what?". If added to the end of a command, this acts like a confirmation to the command, like "OK?" or "will you?".

no - usually added to the end of a sentence and acts as a tag question.

sa - same usage as "no" but less common.

gud - used to point out that the speaker is referring to this specific subject.

sus - a shortened form of an old expression "Hesus Maria Y Hosep" (Jesus, Mary and Joseph) which eventally became "susmaryosep" and ultimately just "sus". This usually expressed anger, disgust, or frustration, depending on the tone and manner at which it is delivered.

- a very mild form of cussing somewhat like "good for you!" when something bad happened to someone.

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