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Various Useful Cebuano Phrases

Here is a collection of various everyday phrases that may be applicable just about anytime, anywhere.

I don't understand. - Wâ  ko kasabot.

Can I ask you a question? - Pwede mangutana?

Can you understand English? - Makasabot ka ug Ininglis? or 'Kasabot ka ug English?

Please say it in English. - Palihug Ininglisa lang. or English lang Palihug.

Please. - Palihug.

Thanks. - Salamat.

Speak slowly please. - Hinaya'g sulti palihug.

Sorry. - Sorry.
(The bisaya word "pasayloa ko" (forgive me) has a deeper meaning and is not used for a casual sorry, or excuse me)

Excuse Me. - Excuse Me.

Yes. - O.

No. - Dilï or Diï

Maybe. - Tingali.

For a while... - Kadalï sä... or Kadiyot sä...

Wait... - Huwat...

I don't know... - Wä ko kahibaw... or Ambot... (a bit impolite)

What took you so long? - Nganong nadugay man ka?

You're too early! - Sayoha sad nimo uy! (slightly sarcastic)